The Building towards Interactive Information Retrieval Resource Reuse project (BIIRRR) consists of a number of initiatives aimed at making re-use within IIR studies simpler:

Manifesto on Resource Re-Use in Interactive Information Retrieval

The manifesto on resource re-use intends to draw the attention of the interactive information retrieval (IIR) community to the challenges of research documentation and archiving for future use. Resources are understood as encompassing research designs, research data and research infrastructures. It proposes eight principles for improving the re-use of resources in the IIR community and presents concrete steps on how to achieve them. A five-level system for data archiving and documentation envisions increasingly open and stable documentation and access infrastructures.

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User Study Exchange Format

The User Study Exchange Format (USEF) is a specification for the exchange of parts of or complete User Studies. In particular it focuses on those aspects that gather self-reported responses from study participants.

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